always good enough to be someones sex doll,
never good enough to be their fucking friend.

No internet till God knows when
Ffs. The things this family does is such a piss off.

my neighbour / friend’s dad asked one of the council dudes for the LARGE poster for his lawn, ONLY because they have the same first name…. GO PAUL.

i think the saddest thing my grandparents are proud of, is the fact i can be alone & entertain myself for hours with nothing but string….

"it’s october 3rd"

is my tattoo date. how fetch!!
also my tattoo is fucking massive, definitely thought it was the size of my hand…… i’m fucking stoked :)

holy crap.
finallyy booking an appointment thursday!!! ^.^
hurrry uuup.

can i just take a moment to apologize
to all the waiters & waitresses i gave the shittiest tips too
just because i’m terrible at division in my head & the “% amount” button didn’t exist.

to those whom got Destiny today… FUCK Y-
ahha you’re not even on tumblr. who am i kidding.

got out of a parking ticket ^.^

could of been my dress, or my smile, or because i just showed up to move it
but it was probably cause i waited like 3 minutes for him to tell me hes not giving me one. hahaha

Almost late for work because someone committed suicide out front 😔

walk from cold to hot,
- fuck, forgot i wear glasses
walk in the rain,
- fuck, forgot i wear glasses
roll over in bed,
- fuck i wear glasses
step in the shower
- fuck, i just never fucking remember.

63 weeks ago & it still makes me jealous

when a guy tries to flirt with you by arguing…. it’s not attractive, just a fucking piss off.

JUST RUN AWAY WITH ME, GAH. hsghfalghjfgh

i saw this, & how you were aiming straight for my heart,
but then i realized this is the shittest gift,
because i wasn’t hear to replace anyone,
i was only here to become a part of it, & how i was here to add sound effects to your story & make it a little better,
i’d be the backdrop to your world & life. maybe, it was a gift for myself
a sign for people to get lost for an arrow is heading right for my chest.