serious question….
can you be vegan & still be pro-choice?

my overnight shift last night felt like 15 minutes,
that was ridiculous.

"okaay world. i’m ready to fall in love."

Just woke up, I want pizza 🍕

i wanna go to the parade but i work :(
wave a flag for meee. <3

it been 10 years,
& i still cry over the same exact problems
i have yet to learn or find compassionate humans.

toronto pride with the babe tomorrow <3
can’t waaaait.
any of you gonna be there?!

i love it here because you are not.

waking up to pills of m in your bra…»

had duck for the first time today…. :\
i like duck. duck is good.

today i get to go sit in a vault by myself that’s full of narcotics for 8 hours….

which means, i get to pick EVERY song that plays :)

instagram; amariegeny
hmu with yoursss :)

i’m 3/4 through the first episode of hannibal & i have never been so confused but interested in my life.

i hate when my phone rings near my mother cause
every time she picks it up, holds it, stares at it,
wait for me to come find her & goes,
'i think your battery is dying.'

parents brought home pizza for themselves,
"cause it’s their anniversary"

like why did you start this family,
if you were only gonna think of you two.
how rude, wow.