if there’s a very good chance we won’t work,
there’s a very good chance i want it too.

Leg’s about to get a little more boo-tiful 😁🎃

I’ve taken a lot of meds…
I feel like I’m floating when I walk

Breakfast in a big bed watching beetlejuice… Ahh the life

Good days = good vibes & company

bought borderlands the prequel yesterday,
but didn’t get batteries for the controller
god damn xbox & your stupid battery packs of nonsense…
to walk or wait for the car…..

lips rings are my kryptonite 

rings > studs

& if you have BLUE EYES, god help you.

cause i’ll be staring.

Oh my god.
I was texting a good friend about her baby shower, i didn’t put her name in my new phone yet, & then a bit later she like tells me the date & asks me for my address right to send the invites? NO that apparently was a different number…. I gave them my address & agreed to go to someone’s babyshower. At least when the invite comes in I’ll know whose?

Too high to sleep
To sober to stay awake

reblogging & creeping your blog till i feel better enough to talk to you as the way you should be treated… is a terrible way to deal with my shit, but my mom told me to never change.

yep, it’s official.
my life just recycles people i’ve previously have met.

That lovely moment when 3 coworkers INCLUDING your boss shoves you in the backroom/bathroom because an old man who hit on you walks in…

i have a high tolerance for weed ONLY

i would just like to thank those people
who type in english even though they never or rarely speak it.
if my goverment provided a better school system i might have learned more like i wanted to. So i thank you for being smarter than me to communicate.

my mom is awesome.
"we’re not telling your father about your tattoo, he’ll just forget & then see it 5 years later & we’ll go through the whole ordeal all over again. let’s just wait till he sees it & say we already told him." LMFAO. deal.