that one party where a girl introduced to me to her biological brother & then they started making out….was fucked up.

ok, that’s it.
i’m getting botox injections
my hands are way too embarrassing/problematic for this shit

ahh, i start my like dream job tomorrow.
i’m nervous as fuck, & my boss
is like super excited to see me/have me start
i cannot wait to see her face when she finds out i’m a major clutz who talks to herself…

what he said still rings in my ears,
although he was real sweet about it,
he used “it’s obvious”… like i’ve already admitted it to myself.fuck,

why am i everyone’s 3 am phone call when i’ve never answered.

people don’t leave my life,
they quietly leave for 2 years then storm their way back in.

apparently, things never change.
things i find out from drunks.

any londoners wanna drink/go dt? :)

ugh… seriously?

freaking out.
i start on monday. & i don’t have a time.

gah, or my police check.
like are you serious police station…
i’m not a criminal, type it & print it out alreadyyy

it just feels really weird thinking, i’ll never put that mcdonalds uniform on again… i don’t even see it where i normally keep it cause i handed it in. i feel upside down. it’s making me giddy.

i’m such a miserable person, when i’m not faking it..

teen pregnancies are bad because they got Zoey 101 cancelled.

you are the biggest disappointment ever.
i take back ever nice thing i ever said about you.
& every promise made. you lied from day one,
& even the NEW day one. you actually just destroyed every
believe i had in “true love”..
a&f baby. it’ll never be the same. :*
ps. never think you are better than him.

March 26th

Day I quit Mcdonald’s.
bitter sweet.