rockstar supersours goes amazingly with wisers!

broke into her house with pizza, shots till she’s home,
i also hope she doesn’t check tumblr on break. ahah. <3.

My dad just came up to me & goes
"SOOO…. how far are you on paying back your loan? you gotta be close right? i’ve already got cars picked out for you, & i’m getting too excited to wait, so hurry up."


to then men who would be interested in being pegged  or would like to help cause they cool as ice,
how would you suggest your gf bring it up to you? like flat out ask? just surprise you?(i doubt this one right?) or let you approach us? or something else?

one thing i was glad about leaving mcdonalds was not hearing the beeps in the shower & when i tried to sleep at night. BUT now i get to imagine the label printers’ sound…. (y)

serious question….
can you be vegan & still be pro-choice?

my overnight shift last night felt like 15 minutes,
that was ridiculous.

"okaay world. i’m ready to fall in love."

Just woke up, I want pizza 🍕

i wanna go to the parade but i work :(
wave a flag for meee. <3

it been 10 years,
& i still cry over the same exact problems
i have yet to learn or find compassionate humans.

toronto pride with the babe tomorrow <3
can’t waaaait.
any of you gonna be there?!

i love it here because you are not.

waking up to pills of m in your bra…»

had duck for the first time today…. :\
i like duck. duck is good.