people don’t leave my life,
they quietly leave for 2 years then storm their way back in.

apparently, things never change.
things i find out from drunks.

any londoners wanna drink/go dt? :)

ugh… seriously?

freaking out.
i start on monday. & i don’t have a time.

gah, or my police check.
like are you serious police station…
i’m not a criminal, type it & print it out alreadyyy

it just feels really weird thinking, i’ll never put that mcdonalds uniform on again… i don’t even see it where i normally keep it cause i handed it in. i feel upside down. it’s making me giddy.

i’m such a miserable person, when i’m not faking it..

teen pregnancies are bad because they got Zoey 101 cancelled.

you are the biggest disappointment ever.
i take back ever nice thing i ever said about you.
& every promise made. you lied from day one,
& even the NEW day one. you actually just destroyed every
believe i had in “true love”..
a&f baby. it’ll never be the same. :*
ps. never think you are better than him.

March 26th

Day I quit Mcdonald’s.
bitter sweet.

the fact i can wake up, roll over,take a toke, roll back over & watch my shows, is a great thing to wake up too.

registrations begin!
just kill me now :)

IF MY BOSS TELLS ONE MORE PERSON HER CHILD IS 20 MONTHS. I THINK I’MA LOSE IT. you’re child is almost 2. TWO, not 20 months.

just wanna get drunk & naked & curl up next to you.

Yaaaay :) got the job, starting in april, dream acheived.