"it’s october 3rd"

is my tattoo date. how fetch!!
also my tattoo is fucking massive, definitely thought it was the size of my hand…… i’m fucking stoked :)

holy crap.
finallyy booking an appointment thursday!!! ^.^
hurrry uuup.

can i just take a moment to apologize
to all the waiters & waitresses i gave the shittiest tips too
just because i’m terrible at division in my head & the “% amount” button didn’t exist.

to those whom got Destiny today… FUCK Y-
ahha you’re not even on tumblr. who am i kidding.

got out of a parking ticket ^.^

could of been my dress, or my smile, or because i just showed up to move it
but it was probably cause i waited like 3 minutes for him to tell me hes not giving me one. hahaha

Almost late for work because someone committed suicide out front 😔

walk from cold to hot,
- fuck, forgot i wear glasses
walk in the rain,
- fuck, forgot i wear glasses
roll over in bed,
- fuck i wear glasses
step in the shower
- fuck, i just never fucking remember.

63 weeks ago & it still makes me jealous

when a guy tries to flirt with you by arguing…. it’s not attractive, just a fucking piss off.

JUST RUN AWAY WITH ME, GAH. hsghfalghjfgh

i saw this, & how you were aiming straight for my heart,
but then i realized this is the shittest gift,
because i wasn’t hear to replace anyone,
i was only here to become a part of it, & how i was here to add sound effects to your story & make it a little better,
i’d be the backdrop to your world & life. maybe, it was a gift for myself
a sign for people to get lost for an arrow is heading right for my chest.

great night,
went to the bar with crew,
hopped the line, was greeted with 4 shots, & a drink
& then, i met people fropublic school that i haven’t seen in forever,
above averageeeee,
just wanna buy my greyhound tickeeeet

so my ankle has been hurting for 2 weeks now,
& as of a day or 2 ago a little bone like thing has begun to poke out
& it looks sorta bent. ahah. doctors? i think doctors.

i wanna go to toronto tomorrow for my biiirthday on monday, 
anyone wanna spend it with me?! lmfaao

adulthood is just around the corner & i’m moving in!