Anonymous: That short with the giraffe was from Robot Chicken!

oh shit! you’re right! actually love that show & kinda forgot about it. thank youuu!

Anonymous: Can you show us your thigh gap?

i don’t really have one?
or i have a VERY small one, imo.
but okaay, i’ll take a picture of my crotch area for yah.

Anonymous: i want to buy you dinner, and kiss you goodnight. you're too cute

aweee, this sounds nicee! :) thank you lovely!

Anonymous: Your new icon omg!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ be mine pleaseeee

oh okaay. i’m taken. by anonymous. anonymous is mine.
i better not see your gasses complimenting any other ladies on here!! ;)

Anonymous: How come your profile pic on your page is different from your profile pic on my dashboard?

aka, i was too lazy to change my blogs picture hahah.
is that alright with you grey face? D;

Anonymous: Why can't I have sex with a girl like you? The pretty and nice ones like you are all taken or live somewhere else, and what's left are the ratchet hoes or the crazy in a not good way ones.

if you’re saying you don’t have 1 single pretty nice girl in your town,
i think you lying or stay inside like me alot.
but i like how you think i’m nice even if you haven’t met me :)
i’m sure there’s a good crazy lady out there for you close by :)!

Anonymous: What is a pretty girl like you doing this weekend?

woorking hahha,
& going to food festival.
is it the food one this week? i can’t keep up.
but that’s all i have planned,
et tu ?

Anonymous: Hey, I think you're cute.

hey i think you should talk to me. :)

Anonymous: It's June 18th, and I know that today will be a hard day for you. It's now the fourth year and I know it's not getting any easier. Stay strong. <3

that amazes me that you remember, thanks alot. <3
& i thought i finished crying earlier. afgadgfba

Anonymous: You. Are. Sofuckinggorgeous. Like wow.

like wow. who. are you.
but thaank youu,
mystery duude. <3

Anonymous: regarding that jesse/plastic tub thing, yes, he is indeed buying it to get rid of a dead body - walt sent him out to get one so that they could dissolve it in this acid that eats through EVERYTHING except a certain kind of plastic. jesse is testing to see if its big enough cuz they didn't want to have to cut the body up into chunks. :)

yeesss, okaay! i was right then :) thank youu!
when i read that caption, i was thinking, wtf could be more fucked up then that…

DO YOU KNOW THE ACID? I CAN’T REMEMBER IT. & i don’t wanna google it, cause that could come back to bite me in the future yah know? hehe.

Anonymous: What are the things you've done that people have told you aren't normal?

even if i could recall exact conversations,
i would not like to express them here. ahaha
that’s privileged information.

Anonymous: What is the wildest or riskiest thing you've done sexually?

i hate these questions, because idk, what’s wild/risky to you?

cause everything i do is normal for me. but i have been told some things are not.

Anonymous: Do you have a thick accent?

how thick can a canadian accent be?
i’d say mines a solid canadian accent
with random streaks of british english in it
& a few hillbilly catchphrases.
i really have no idea.

Anonymous: Don't you think you could rake it in if you were a cam girl?

lmaao, are yah kidding me?
i’d think i’d end up losing money! bahaha