Anonymous: smile, you're beautiful

I smile waay too much. my smiles are never real. lmfaao.  ;D

Anonymous: that hand light show shit is the gayest thing on the planet

do you know what refraction glasses are?!
& to have someone whos good at that “gay thing”
perform that infront of them is fucking awesome!
you have no idea! without the glasses, i agree, not so cool. ahaha.

YES, cause then you like try not to, BUT YOU DONT KNOW YOU’RE DOING IT. atleast till this morning when we got back to our hotel ahaha

lets just say.
the inside of my mouth is fucking destroyed.
i even had gum & water all night…
Fucking eh. great night.

Anonymous: you look perfect ;)

bahah. i was going for comfy D;
no, thank youu though :)

Anonymous: Hahaha I approve all of those nicknames, definitely. I know I've been MIA I'm sorry haha, maybe I should come off anon so you can keep track?

ahah well thank youu, thought of all, but one, myself. :)
&& yes yes, you should. :)

Anonymous: St. Catharines here! Lovely to see your face blessing tumblr again ;) hope all is well with you!!

ST. CATHARINES, GOD DAMN IT. i’ma name you MIA. for missing in action, MisInformingAmy, MyInfamousAnon, Maybe It’s Arobot, MissingIdentityAnon, MysteriousIndividualArmy. :)
thank you though! I hope alls well with you, & that you’re week is going by relatively fast :)

Anonymous: Feening for a new Amy selfie.

i’ma upload a photo of my ol’ big face now,
& remember, you asked for it.

gosh, i see nobody reads the little ‘about me’ poem on my blog. D; 
i’m pretty sure i worked real hard on that when i made it like 3 years ago ;p haha! but!
i’m 20, i’m really not that old at all. ahah.

Anonymous: London! represent :) attending Fanshawe myself!

holy shit, forreal?
i didnt know we had so many londoners online!!
WHO ARE YOU?! do we know eachother in real life?! ;o

Anonymous: The mystery of it all makes me that much more interesting to you maybe? haha. That's good, yeah being tired is a regular thing for most people these days isn't it? What you been up to these days? Anything big coming up?

that is trueee. fine don’t tell me who you are.
describe who you are to me. then i’ma just name you myself. :)
yeaah, how sad is that….
not a thing, just been working at my new job :) & rentals are on vacation
so i’ve been the pet’s bitch. ;p & i honestly think they are just making fun of me by asking to go in & out at 20 minute intervals.
how about you. i know you’ve got something going on more exciting then me & my life ;p

Anonymous: Hey, St. Catharines here! How you been doing?

St. Catherines, WHY ARE YOU ANONYMOUS >.<
i’ve been goood!
tired, but who isn’t these days ahah
How about yourself?! :)

Anonymous: your so gorgeous! i miss your smoking selfies in your bra. you body is amazing! you do do more hahah

LOL. waht..
what’s so special about a bra too? cause i got some in my bathing suit.
i haven’t been posting because i’m lazy, & i’m waiting for
some person with camera skills to be like.

Anonymous: I want to lick your ass!

WELL. i wanna know who’s tongue would be lucking my butt.
considering no one has before LOL.

Anonymous: Ah I'm glad you passed then ;) It's both my favourite and the one I'm best at out of my styles, not saying I'm THE best there is at it of course, but it is what I do best. Plans for the day after acing that exam? ;P

you & i both ! but thank you :)
then i’m sure you’re fucking amazing at it.
since you’d have so much passion in your dance!
made me really interested in seeing your dances, that’s for sure! ;p
&, well, i played runescape all night, & worked all day. & i’ma bout to repeat that?! ;D