missrobynhood: Happy Birthday Amy! Stay Beautiful 😏 👍👌🍁🌈🎉🎁

Thaaank youuu :)(L)

Anonymous: wooo getting hate on my dick :) cheers guys feeling the love, just kidding who gives a fuck grow up :) xoxox

ahaha, probably cause they don’t even have the guts to show what they have, so they can talk whatever they want ahah.
no kidding rightt, :)

Anonymous: Hey no penis come on now

oh shit sorry man, didn’t know i co-owned this blog.
didn’t see you when we signed up i guess.

Anonymous: He couldn't have ar least submitted a nice penis!? Like, come on! If you're going to do that, at least grab a picture from the Internet so it looks like you've got something appealing!

lol. i’d rather him submit his own penis then get one off the internet.
there’s nothing wrong with his penis, nor do i feel like you have any right to judge,
I BET YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE ONE ;)  i’m not a fan of body shaming nor do i get why someone would wanna be penis catfished. ahaha.
i understand you probably didn’t mean anything from it.
but yah know? BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU GOT ;D!
plus, i’d probably have the ugliest penis if i were a male dude

Anonymous: feel free to post it if you like :) xx

omg, i saved it to que, lmfao. idk when mines set up for ahaha,
so, it’ll be posted! ;o
but nice submission, i also think you have nice sheets,& blanket.

Anonymous: may we submit nudes

we? ;o feel free!
just make sure to tag the private or public tag, so i know whether it’s for my eyes only or for posting! :) ahah.

that’s what i thought! but the dude thinks it’s actually just my computer cause i’ve melted the bottom of it twice, so he thinks it’s just fucked on the inside & gonna die soon ahaha.

Anonymous: I want go into the deepest corners of your mind and never get bored of you. I want to look at you like a movie, a living piece of art.

no you don’t. i went into my mind to learn more about myself &came out a worse person. my lungs are a breathing ground for bacteria that my mind opens & spits out into anything pure in my life. i ruin all that comes near & should be placed in a bubble not on a pedestal. a movie ends & art gets interpolated to the viewer as they want to see it not as the artist created it.

Anonymous: Love your smile <3

i love the way you lie <3

Anonymous: hey beautiful

oh stawp you. :)

Anonymous: What are your thoughts on mutual masturbation? and watching porn together with someone you like/or in a relationship with?

i’ve done it. idk, i think mutual masturbation is weird, FOR ME. cause idk. i’m into it being like foreplay or whatever, but if i wanted to masturbate to climax i’d prefer alone? & i think watching porn with people is fun. even if it’s jokingly. one of my favourite house parties played porn all night? it wasn’t to turn people on, or get an orgy going. it was the ice breaker? lmaao. i think it brings people together in a weird, trusting way.

Anonymous: we should get really drunk and say everything were afraid to

ahah, you wanna get drunk with me & tell me your deep secrets but you won’t even show me your face? the hell man. or woman. idek. ;p

305vibez: Gray

Gray: 2 facts about my favourite thing.
1- my cat because she only leaves me to eat & go the washroom.
2- she also licks my tears when i cry sometimes.

Anonymous: Green and Black

Green: 8 facts about my body.
1- i have a freckle on my check, tummy, tragus & juuust above my bum
2- my birthmark, on my knee, looks like a train
3- i tan in about 15 minutes which is a piss off when you walk somewhere in different shorts…. every day in the summer….
4- i’m most self conscious about my hands.
5- i’ve broken 2 bones
6- i get tachycardia around people i don’t know.
7- it can sleep for 25 hours straight
8- my toes are so fucked up that i have a toe straightener prescribed to me
Black: 1 fact about the person i like
1- impossible to exist