oh i do, well i guess did,
somehow only have 1 pack left & the dock doesn’t charge it…. >.<
& idk if i wanna buy a new station when i’m only gonna be playing borderlands then back to ps4 ;p

saying how i love you, & how you’re the only person to not & my appreciation,
& about 3 pages letter, i decided that was too much & went shopping instead. LOL.

iloveyou19734650: Post some pics of you

there’s quite a few under polaroids.

Anonymous: You can hang with this anon

great. i can make friends. their just too scared? to show their face.

subwayandsaltnvinegarchips: do you ever walk around the house in panties?

allll the timee, i get in trouble soooo often,
& i’m pretty sure all my bros friends have seen all my bra & panties. bahaha.

Anonymous: You are one sexy stoner !

Thaaanks anonymouss, <3 i like how you match your glasses to your neck shadows, you’re cute!

Anonymous: i think you deserve to be happy no matter what..I hope you love yourself as much as everyone else does

woaahhhh. i feel very overwhelmed with this love.
i don’t want it. take it back. i enjoy my presence sometimes, & that’s a good start right.

Anonymous: I believe you have my staphler.

…. i don’t know what this means. or actually how i’m suppose to pronounce it… this is one of those text posts that has a thousand notes & i don’t get itttt -.- like you. like you aren’t getting your staphler back.

Anonymous: Have you seen the Jennifer Lawrence nudes?

TBH. i tried googling them last night,
cause i’m an asswipe who shows no celebrity privacy.
but i couldn’t find them? or they looked fake ahah. (but i believe she’s one that has confirmed hers are real)
i bet they’re hott, & i probably shouldn’t see them,

Anonymous: What lunatic told you that you have a shit body and are gross?? Even if you did have a shit body (which you have the opposite of) you are a very sweet girl and would make a wicked cool friend.

meh don’t know who they are,
really didn’t think it was gonna get this much attention! ahah
but shit, make my day why don’t you.
i hope my friends see me from your point of view! baha

Anonymous: you are probally the ugliest motherfucker you have a fuccked up face a shit body and your just gross

is your taste in women like your spelling?
or are you just dumb enough to think your opinion matters to me? :)

Anonymous: Can I get high as fuck with you. And eat your pussy all night for my munchies?

do you kiss your mother with that mouth, cause it’s also not coming near me. ahaha, i hope you’re just trying to get a laugh n show off your clever line. otherwise you’re disgustingly stupid. ahaha.

Anonymous: do you want to peg a guy?

i don’t wake up thinking like ‘god, please let me meet a guy i can peg.’
but if i were with a guy & it was brought up.
i’d certainly consider it.

Anonymous: Would you eat donuts off a guys dick

if i liked the type of doughnut & the guy & i were together, why not?
it wouldn’t be foreplay though cause i do not need doughnut glaze in me ;p

Anonymous: did he come off anon?

if you’re still messaging me, then clearly not.