Anonymous: What lunatic told you that you have a shit body and are gross?? Even if you did have a shit body (which you have the opposite of) you are a very sweet girl and would make a wicked cool friend.

meh don’t know who they are,
really didn’t think it was gonna get this much attention! ahah
but shit, make my day why don’t you.
i hope my friends see me from your point of view! baha

Anonymous: you are probally the ugliest motherfucker you have a fuccked up face a shit body and your just gross

is your taste in women like your spelling?
or are you just dumb enough to think your opinion matters to me? :)

Anonymous: Can I get high as fuck with you. And eat your pussy all night for my munchies?

do you kiss your mother with that mouth, cause it’s also not coming near me. ahaha, i hope you’re just trying to get a laugh n show off your clever line. otherwise you’re disgustingly stupid. ahaha.

Anonymous: do you want to peg a guy?

i don’t wake up thinking like ‘god, please let me meet a guy i can peg.’
but if i were with a guy & it was brought up.
i’d certainly consider it.

Anonymous: Would you eat donuts off a guys dick

if i liked the type of doughnut & the guy & i were together, why not?
it wouldn’t be foreplay though cause i do not need doughnut glaze in me ;p

Anonymous: did he come off anon?

if you’re still messaging me, then clearly not.

Anonymous: We will go with blind date

oh how lovely. good luck to yahhh

Anonymous: Ill message him when he comes off anon

i can’t tell if this is a blind date or an ambush. ahah

but. i don’t know who it is. so you’re message has been sent i guess.?

musicallyinked: Happy Birthday!!!! :) <3

THank you so muuuuch :)<3

Anonymous: Tell him to come off anon

? why.? why don’t you come off anonymous.? ;p
i’m like a receptionist for my own blog ahahaha

missrobynhood: Happy Birthday Amy! Stay Beautiful 😏 👍👌🍁🌈🎉🎁

Thaaank youuu :)(L)

Anonymous: wooo getting hate on my dick :) cheers guys feeling the love, just kidding who gives a fuck grow up :) xoxox

ahaha, probably cause they don’t even have the guts to show what they have, so they can talk whatever they want ahah.
no kidding rightt, :)

Anonymous: Hey no penis come on now

oh shit sorry man, didn’t know i co-owned this blog.
didn’t see you when we signed up i guess.

Anonymous: He couldn't have ar least submitted a nice penis!? Like, come on! If you're going to do that, at least grab a picture from the Internet so it looks like you've got something appealing!

lol. i’d rather him submit his own penis then get one off the internet.
there’s nothing wrong with his penis, nor do i feel like you have any right to judge,
I BET YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE ONE ;)  i’m not a fan of body shaming nor do i get why someone would wanna be penis catfished. ahaha.
i understand you probably didn’t mean anything from it.
but yah know? BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU GOT ;D!
plus, i’d probably have the ugliest penis if i were a male dude