Anonymous: Is that girl in that picture you posted your girlfriend?

i don’t think her boyfriend would like that very much, hahah.

Anonymous: 20. random question soo basically I've been straight my whole life, minus my first kiss when I was 8... (I thought I liked women) buut it scared me, I was also so little.. & every once in a while I think about what it would be like to be with a girl... to have sex with a woman... and I'm almost nineteen and still curious! not that I'm not happy, I love my boy very much, but is there something I'm missing? sometimes I wonder if id be happier or if I'm simply curious? #helpme #ifindyouhott

20. you definitely asked the wrong person, cause i’m still understanding my own sexuality, let alone help someone else. but. ahah :) if you think about having sex & being with a girl & you enjoy it/turns you on. i’d say go out & find a girl that you find attractive & try it out. as long as you are honest & open minded & probably talk it all out with your boyfriend, what’s the worst that could happen? you don’t really enjoy it as much as you thought you would & you don’t think a thing about it again really cause now you know it’s uninteresting to you. or you are missing out on something!! & you get with her & when you lie next to her all sweaty after having the best orgasm of your life, you just gonna go. fucking shit, now i get why that was always on my mind & why i wanted to do it & you’ll want seconds. or, maybe girls turn you on but you don’t want to be with one, & in that case you should maybe have 3sums with your man. idk. bahah. #idkimsorry #youalreadysoundhott

Anonymous: 8. what are your top five cravings in life?

chocolate milk.
high/almost drunk/good time with friends feeling.
fresh air.
that drop zone/roller coaster feeling.

Anonymous: 10. 6.

10. biggest turn on? it’s different for each person, because i usually find something, like when you think you press your tongue against your teeth,
or you rub your arms when you’re lost in thought.
but generally, i’m attracted to someone who’s confident with a little bit of mystery, like kissing my neck,once. randomly & walking away & never speaking of it. kinda thing. LOL. idk…
6,. favourite band? honestly, i don’t know.

Anonymous: Omfg you're more perfect than I thought :') we can watch clouds through breaks between shows and berls being smoked! Have like 50 pillows and a bunch of Arizona and the basic necessities. OMG MEANT MY NETFLIX 0_0 weird timing. But aha yea but that's only if you care what others think I prefere to call it secretly protecting ;) ( unrelated note nice shirt ;D )

Yeeess then stars at niiight ahah,. :)
& omg. i want to do this now ahaha.
lmfaaao. “no officer i was not stalking her, i was secretly protecting her”

bring-me-solo-and-a-cookie: err didn't say we couldnt pick more than one soo what about: F. I. & Z.? lol

lmaao. this is true!
F:  favourite song? uhh, right now? whiskey in my water. been on replay ahah
I: Icecream Flavour? Chocolate. with chocolate syrup on top ^.^ i’m so boring ahah
Z. Zodiac sign? PROUD LEO BABY. :)

Anonymous: Ahaha yea I hear you, What are friends? People would be looking for us and we'd probably be on a hill watching clouds and seeing who could make up the better shapes or inside watching netflix. It was supposed to be I DO* the alphabet though! And although I seem pretty freakin awesome at first, eventually it fades and thoughts change. Maybe it's better to be an admirer

i knew whatcha meant ;)
that sounds awesome,
or move the tv otside, make a nice bed with lights, & watch the clouds while watching netflicks. BUT LOL I LITERALLY JUST BOUGHT NETFLICKS ABOUT 2 MINS AGO….. do you live near me or something?! ahaha
& psht. admirer’s are also called pervs & peeking toms by others so idk if that is a good thing ;) hhehe.

Anonymous: Shake it, sh-shake it, Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

no no! apparently we weren’t suppose to shake polaroids! ;o

Anonymous: wow wow wow

woah woah woah

Anonymous: omg i have a hue crush on you!!!! you have smile to die for and the mind of a angel. your body is amazing, and i wake up every day wishing you would come to california so we could blaze it down and go SF taking in all the sights.... ;/ if only there was a chance

my family owns a house down there,
so i should be visiting soon! D; i hope.
if i go, BE MY TOUR GUIDE? this means never leaving my side &

explaining EVERYTHING to me :) cause yah ‘mericas have some weird shit down there. ;p
but. i thank you for the lovely compliments. :) but wtf makes an angel’s mind different from humans? ;o

Anonymous: I have a crush in you because you remind me of me. You're chill a/f you smoke maybe as much as me your hella beautiful and it makes me say wow everytime. Not only that but I get the overwhelming desire to have you sit on my face and grind until satisfaction is achieved. Plus you're sense of humor is exquisite

i remind you of you because i copy you. & i try to be just like you. ;)
& mwahaha, someone who can smoke as much as me, gets top priority in my mind. haha. :) i get this feeling, you & i, would be those people, who like hangout & toke & chat, & not realize 12 hours went by. ;p 
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED? ;D & thanks. if only you heard my ‘humour” irl ahaha.

Anonymous: Uuuused to crush on you... Not no more. :)

well atleast i’m still on your mind clearly ;)

Anonymous: Your vibe is beautiful from what I can tell from your blog. Your gorgeous and it seems like we have a bunch in common so I'm crushing a bit I suppose=P if we met I'm sure I'd fall in love instantly though=O

Well thank youuu. always wondered the vibe i give off tbh ahah.
awwww you sounds sweet. :) & pretty down to earth from what i can tell.
who are yah?! :)

Anonymous: yooo how does one get there honeycomb perc to create so many bubbles?????

i’ve never seen a honeycomb perc not stack bubbles!
how much water do you put in? ;o
or how big is your perc?

Anonymous: why cant i have you in my bed watching netflix of cuddling with me gaming while we take fatt ass bong hits and get fri diddly ied

well because you cant buy a home or bed anonymously! baha.
who be you?